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Michelle Jackson


BSC STAFF: Hi Michelle
Michelle: Hi

BSC STAFF: So what have you been up to since the World's.
Michelle: Nothing really, enjoying spending time with my fiance' and my new baby boy.

BSC STAFF: Speaking of World's, how disappointing was it not to defend your title?
Michelle: Well that was very disappointing but we all know you win some and you lose some. Also, very hurtful because I could not participate in it cause I had just had a baby. Especially being as competitive as I am, I just felt helpless that I couldn't contribute anything. Only my cheers and prayers!!

BSC STAFF: Supersonics won some of the biggest BSC regular season tournaments last year, The Derrty in St. Louis and The Robert Jackson Memorial in Tallahassee, before heading to Worlds. So your confidence in repeating had to be pretty high.
Michelle: Of course! Everytime we step on the field we expect to win. Most people would consider that being cocky, but to us that's confidence and heart!

BSC STAFF: What was your favorite BSC tournament?
Michelle: The world in Birmingham, Ala., it was crazy at first, especially trying to find all the different parks, but for the most part I had a ball. I got to see some great games!

BSC STAFF: There has been some big roster moves made in the Womens Competitive division, but nothing being heard out of the Supersonics camp. Does this mean the same group is coming back in 06?
Michelle: Basically!!!!! And also the one that had babies last year.

BSC STAFF: Year in and year out the Supersonics has been near or at the top of their class, how have you ladies been able to keep it together for so long?
Michelle: First and foremost we are a team; trials and tribulations come only to make us stronger, individually as well as collectively. Secondly, we love the game of softball. Last but not least, there is one chief and we are the Indians.

BSC STAFF: As a team 2006 did not end like you would want it to, but as an individual you accomplished a lot professionally last year. Care to share with the rest of BSC on your accomplishments?
Michelle: I graduated with honors as a Certified Medical Assistant, I birthed a beautiful 7pound 13ounce baby boy, and I accepted the engagement of my wonderful fiance.

BSC STAFF: It was definitely a busy year for you; do you think you have lost any of your competitive edge on the softball field?
Michelle: Words cannot express what i feel about getting back between those white lines. If anything, sitting out this past year has only made me more eager to play ball. So the competitive edge has just been raised another notch.

BSC STAFF: Have you started preparing for the upcoming season yet?
Michelle: Yes

BSC STAFF: What are you or your team's off-season workout regimen?
Michelle: Exercise for more endurance and batting practice.

BSC STAFF: What are your goals for 2006 as they relate to softball?
Michelle: To be the best we can be on and off the field. Because we are ladies!

BSC STAFF: What are some of your thoughts on BSC and its growth?
Michelle: Very happy about the new direction BSC is headed in with the car rental, different parks to host tourney's, etc.

BSC STAFF: What do you like most about playing on the BSC circuit?
Michelle: The traveling, the people, the competition and the parties!!!!

BSC STAFF: That is about it, any shout outs?
Michelle: Of course. I would like to send shout outs to my fianc', Tony Johnson, my son, AJ; to mom and dad, to my sisters, to my sissy, to Connie and Cornell (Tonya and Andre), to Lexi, Trecie, Jerry and Tracy Galloway, Atlanta Storm, Black Gal, Netty, DJ, Jessie, Mr. And Mrs. Dodson, Lillie Ruth, To all my family, To all the SUPERSONICS for LIFE! C-ya on the circuit!
Thanks BSC for choosing me.